Kanella, Philadelphia



Category: Greek
Neighborhood: Washington Square West

Address: 1001 Spruce St
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Phone: (215) 922-1773

3/5 stars

Truthfully, I thought the food was going to be better because of all the raving reviews from people and Philly Magazine.
My friend and I ordered the Halloumi Saganaki as an appetizer. I found the cheese to be a bit dry and the salad (which was essentially parsley, mint, and tomato with 3 pieces of fig) was drenched in oil and mostly tasted like parsley.
We also shared the Grilled lamb kofta. The texture was moist, but the different ingredients in the kofta (pistachios, apricot, and different spices) were hidden behind a ton of salt. The lamb would have been very good if it just had enough salt to bring out the flavors of the meat and other ingredients. I did enjoy the pickled okra, but thought the lentil tabuleh was also very oily as well as the flatbread it was served on. The yogurt also tasted like sour cream. It definitely helped to make a sandwich out of the ingredients and in this way the yogurt mellowed out the saltiness of the meat.
I also thought the dishes were definitely overpriced for the portion size.
The service was fine. And we ate outside under a canopy in the rain which worked out except that we could smell the sewer several feet away.
All in all, it was alright but I probably would not return and find other Greek restaurants that don’t drench their food in oil and salt.
              Halloumi Saganaki

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