Nova Mediterranean Grill, Villanova


Nova Mediterranean Grill 

Category: Mediterranean

Address: 815 East Lancaster Ave
Villanova, PA 19085

Phone: (610) 525-4745

1/5 stars

I was really disappointed with Nova Grill after having dinner there tonight and will most likely will not return. I had much higher expectations since it was so highly rated on yelp.
I ordered the chicken kebab platter. There were about 6 small cubes of grilled chicken breast on a stick. When I went to remove them, the cubes fell apart and when I tasted them, the chicken was extremely dry and overcooked and not very flavorful at all. The tomato cucumber salad was very fair, kind of watery, and some bites actually tasted like rotten tomatoes. I definitely would not agree that all their ingredients are fresh. The rice pilaf was fair, it had some flavor, but had dry texture and had that old taste to it. I chose the multi-grain pita bread, which they obviously do not make in-house since it was pulled out of bags labeled gyro pita bread. I actually enjoyed the flavor of this bread and it was nice and soft, but when heated, they burnt some of the bread.
I also chose the tzatziki sauce which basically just tasted like really thick yogurt.
My friend enjoyed his dinner though, a chicken gyro, but had mostly the same impression when he tried mine.
Maybe other dishes here are decent, but unfortunately, this experience does not make me want to come back even to try other things.

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