À La Maison, Ardmore, PA


A La Maison 

Category: French

Address: 53 W. Lancaster Ave
Ardmore, PA 19003
Phone: (484) 412-8009

4/5 Stars

I dined at À la Maison twice now and it has definitely exceeded my expectations for French cuisine in Ardmore.
The ambiance is really cozy and fairly quiet with a violin quartet playing on Thursday nights who are quite talented.
The waitstaff is very friendly and accommodating, refilling water glasses as needed and listening well and responding to special requests.
The bread is quite good, not warm, but it’s the kind of authentic, rustic bread that still tastes excellent even when served at room temperature. You can also tell it’s very fresh.
The salads are very flavorful and the greens are fresh.



As for the entrees, between the two times we’ve been there, we’ve tasted the sea scallops (a special), duck, beef bourguignon and salmon. I highly recommend the scallops and the beef bourguignon. Both dishes are perfectly cooked, with tender interiors. The sauce with the beef is on the thicker side but it tastes very authentic and the mashed potatoes are very rich but decadently so. The duck was fair, I’ve had better. And the salmon was said to be done medium rare but it definitely came out on the medium well side. Still good though. The lentils on the side were on the richer side, which was a bit too much for that dish in my opinion.

Both times, we were too full for dessert. All in all, this place serves fresh, authentic traditional French dishes and has a lovely ambiance to accompany your dining experience.



IMG_0583 IMG_0581


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