Tashan, Philadelphia, PA



Category: Indian

Neighborhoods: Bella Vista, Avenue of the Arts South

Address: 777 S Broad St
Philadelphia, PA 19147
Number: (267) 687-2170

3/5 Stars

My friend and I accidentally happened to go to Tashan during restaurant week. The plus side was free valet parking. The down side was prix fixe expensive dinner menu which was way too much food for 2 small eaters and also less variety to choose from.
Our waitress was quite artificial and very scripted in personality but entertaining nonetheless. Other waitstaff were a bit odd, and the busboys didn’t know what they were doing. One guy tried to balance all 7 plates and silverware at once without tray, almost dropping everything and another giving us dinner plates for dessert. They also forgot to bring out our naan bread but didn’t apologize when we asked about it. All the dishes were described to us except dessert, which the waitstaff just said there was a scoop of pumpkin ice cream on the side but didn’t describe anything else.
The decor was very nice, but it was extremely dark, which made it hard to see what we were eating. It also was on the chilly side.

For the first course, we ordered the Gol Gappa and the Malai Kofta Lollypops. The Gol Gappa was alright, didn’t particularly love the flavors though. The Lollypops were very good. I liked that they were panko-crusted and not fried; the filling was creamy with potato, cheese, and spices. The cheese was a bit hard to decipher and there were some incredibly spicy peppers hidden in there. The sauce for this dish (tomato cashew) was very tasty and I liked how the dish was presented on little sticks in a pot.


For the second course, we ordered the Tandoori shrimp and the green chicken tikka. This course was my favorite. The shrimp were perfectly cooked and very flavorful. The mouseline along the side was interesting. The green chicken tikka was also perfectly cooked, very tender with a subtle flavor. The chicken dipped in the mustard oil/sauce was outstanding.

For the third course, we chose the Pork Xacutti and the Chicken Makhani. The pork was cooked well and very flavorful as was the sauce it came atop of. I appreciated how the pork wasn’t entrenched inside the sauce. On the menu, it said souffle accompanied this dish. Instead there were a few what I would call potato pillows, with a hallow interior. Didn’t like these. The chicken was extremely disappointing. It was extremely dry and the sauce was just fair.

IMG_1050 IMG_1052
These dishes also came with naan bread and vegetable biryani with raita. The naan was pretty good (when warm), but the biryani wasn’t flavorful at all and too dry, also had pickled okra which I didn’t care for. I’ve had much better biryani at Indian restaurants.
Overall, in these dishes, I missed fresh vegetables, which were basically non-existent. There was a tiny cabbage salad with 2 teeny shaved radish slices. I savored this. 🙂

As for dessert (fourth course), I really enjoyed the crème brulée with the gulab jamun inside, but the spiced molten chocolate cake was very disappointing. It lacked in flavor and sweetness. The pumpkin ice cream tasted like rotten pumpkin with no sugar.

My friend and I were overly full by the end of this dinner and packed up a lot of leftovers to take with us.
This restaurant definitely seems overpriced for the quality of food you receive. The presentation of food was very creative for the most part though and I might go back to get only certain dishes like the shrimp tandorri, green chicken tikka, and creme brulee, but there are so many other restaurants to explore in Philly so probably not anytime too soon.


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