Earth, Bread, & Brewery, Manayunk


Earth, Bread, and Brewery

Categories: PizzaBreweries
Neighborhoods: Mount Airy, Germantown

7136 Germantown Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19119
Phone: (215) 242-6666

3/5 stars

My first experience at Earth, Bread, and Brewery was definitely better than my second which is why I’m rounding up to 3 stars instead of 2.
It seems like this place is just very inconsistent. Since my first time here was a year ago, it’s hard to remember specifics, but I think we had friendly, good service, and our pizza (whatever the special was that night) with figs, balsamic, goat cheese, etc was pretty good. I don’t remember it being excellent but the crust was good and the toppings created an interesting combination.
On the other hand, my second experience was a little ridiculous to say the least. We ordered two pizzas and two salads. We ended up ordering the Asian Kale Salad and the Avocado salad with dressing on the side. Unfortunately, the waiter confused the two dressing orders and put the wrong one on the side. When politely informed of his mistake, he shrugged it off and didn’t offer to take it back. The kale salad was very fair, the dressing being extremely salty and spicy. Imagine kale dressed in soy sauce and chile powder.
The other salad was flavorful and unique and had a decorative presentation (as pictured below), but had too much dressing.


So after we got our salads, it was forever until the pizzas finally came out. I have no idea what took them so long because we ordered two more pizzas to go (to take to a friend’s house) when they came, and those came out within 10 minutes.

So the pizzas…
We got their “Earth” pizza which was tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, roasted onions, basil, and arugula. I enjoyed this pizza for the most part. The crust was nice and thin, but had some black spots on the bottom of the crust. Their crust is pretty good, but not excellent, it’s very light, but not much depth to it. The toppings were fresh and flavorful though.

The other pizza was the special which was herbed ricotta cheese, grana padano cheese, Swiss chard, basil, roasted onions, and a tomato basil vinaigrette drizzled on top. For me, the Swiss chard overtook the pizza completely and the bottom of the crust on this pizza was totally black!
In my opinion, it’s unacceptable to bring out a pizza that’s black on the bottom. We were nice enough not to send it back (especially after the waiter’s rudeness with the salads), but should have nonetheless.


So not the best experience, to sum it up, slow service, mistakes by the waiter, and very burnt crust. Would probably not go back.


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