Taqueria Feliz, Manayunk


Taqueria Feliz 

Category: Mexican
Neighborhoods: Manayunk, Roxborough

4410 Main St
Manayunk, PA 19127
Phone: (267) 331-5874

4/5 stars

After eying some of the delicious looking food at this place in passing, I went for dinner here with some friends. Overall, although the service was on the slower side and the waitstaff on the arrogant, pushy side, the food definitely met my expectations, if not exceeded them.
After reading others’ reviews, it seemed like this place was either inconsistent with their food or peoples’ opinions/preferences varied a lot.
Upon being seated, our waiter asked if we wanted any drinks to begin with and when we told him we needed a minute to decide, he disappeared and didn’t return for more than ten minutes.
Basically, this is the kind of place where the waitstaff asks you if you want more chips (for example) making it sound like it’s a free refill when you already have paid for the chips and salsa (which many Mexican places serve on the house). Additionally, when we ordered them, the waiter asked if we wanted guacamole with them too, again making it sound like it almost comes with it when it’s actually $10 on the menu. They also push you to get drinks.

However, the food was very impressive!
The tortilla chips had just the right amount of sea salt and tasted very homemade. The salsa was pretty thin, but decent (Just don’t expect to find your chunky style salsa).
We shared the watermelon salad, which consisted of cubed watermelon, jicama, pepitas, avocado, mint leaves, arugula, with achiote vinaigrette, which was spicy and slightly sweet. Everything seemed very fresh in the salad, but it was on the spicy side for me. The sweetness of the watermelon helped tame the spiciness though.
For my entree, I ordered the chicken tinga tacos. This was 3 corn tacos with pieces of chicken marinated in chipotle, pickled cabbage, avocado, queso fresco, and crema (sour cream). These were very flavorful and it was an interesting combination with the pickled cabbage. The chicken was well cooked and it was not overly oily or salty. I also tasted my friend’s brisket tacos, which were made up of cubes of brisket topped with scallions and salsa de arbol. This was excellent as well, although a tad fatty on some pieces.
This restaurant also has a lot of atmosphere, bright and colorful with a nice cultural vibe. It was definitely on the louder side though, mostly due to the bar (it was a Friday night so it might have been more crowded than usual).

Overall, great place, would definitely return!

*Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures, but there are lots of photos on yelp if you’re curious what the food looks like!



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