Hi! My name is Rella and I am extremely passionate about baking, cooking, and basically anything food-related! Some of my other interests include psychology, playing violin and ukulele, biking, hiking, Zumba, and spending time with family and friends.

I began this blog after I graduated college as a way to share my love for baking with others as well as my favorite recipes, while figuring out my next big step in life. I ended up getting my Masters in social work so I can help others on a broader level. Now as a social worker/foodie/baker/cook/blogger, I am attempting to balance one as a career and one as a hobby, but hoping one day, they can be combined!

An overall theme in this blog will be food that is made healthier, without losing, and instead enhancing its flavor and texture. But of course there will be some recipes here and there that solely focus on perfecting that food item! (These will mostly be dessert items though). You will also find restaurant reviews from various states, but mostly Philadelphia, where I am living for now.

So please hop on board, subscribe (by selecting the icon on the top right of the home page), and read and ride your way through my journeys of baking, cooking, and delicious food!

Comments and feedback are very welcome and appreciated!


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  1. hey Rella – great blog, and you sure know how to sweeten the day. Congrats to you for finishing, starting, exploring and being. Happy baking, cooking and eating!

    • Hi Patti! So good to hear from you. Glad you like my blog. How’s everything going at the Granola Factory? I will definitely try to stop by sometime soon. What days do you work? I saw that the Granola Factory’s website was revamped! It looks great!!

      • Hi Rella! I’m there Tuesday untill 2, wed. from 2 until 9 (Suzanne is there, too) and Thurs 8 until 12. Stop by any time!

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